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why choose Solarlux?

Solarlux have more than 35 years experience in providing outstanding quality in versatile glazing solutions. As a premium manufacturer of glass extensions, Glass houses, glass doors and facades we can offer our clients a bespoke service to ensure a perfectly matched system that not only fits with the architecture of the building but provides functionality that will meet all your current needs.

MBS Architectural offer an extensive range of commercial and residential high-end products that help extend a living area by utilising the garden/patio so these areas can be enjoyed in all 4 seasons. Through large areas of glass we can offer our clients a weather proof solution from wind and rain, still with high levels of visibility but still ensuring clients are comfortable all year round. As a one stop shop we can also offer all the extras needed for shading, ventilation, lighting and heating to make your glass house the cosiest part of your home/business.

For more information on our bespoke Solarlux products including Ral colours please contact our team on 01234 404040 or email us at [email protected] .

All products not only have the guarantee of optimum weather protection but also offer the assurance that you have chosen a provider who complies to the strictest quality standards. Solarlux products are CE approved and are certified and independently tested. The company’s environmentally friendly approach to production, in-house production control structure and compliance with the highest quality are reflected in its ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and DIN EN 1090 certificates. As with all company’s MBS Architectural Ltd partner with, Solarlux believe in the importance of Sustainability. As a promise all wood in there products is sourced from sustainable forestry. Also they apply environmental awareness to Aluminium production and is certified in accordance with the German A.U.F recycling loop, which has confirmed that the Aluminium is recycled in an environmentally conscious manner that saves our resources.

Below are some of the glass products we offer from Solarlux



So many different designs, colours, materials and optional features – Solarlux’s aluminium and wood/aluminium patio canopies fit perfectly into your homes architecture. Our simple glass canopy will provide reliable shelter from the rain. Yet if you add vertical, sliding glass elements, it becomes a glass house that will protect you against all types of wind and weather. The canopies and vertical elements are conceived precisely to work in perfect harmony with one another, right down to the smallest detail. The same applies to our wide range of accessories:
  • Solar protection: High-quality awnings offer perfect sun protection: installed on top , vertical or as an underglass awning.
  • Lighting: Enjoy those balmy summer nights – built-in LED spotlights will put your glass house in the perfect light.
  • Radiant heater: The HeatscopeTM designer radiant heater is sure to wow you with its high-end designer aesthetic, and its modern infrared technology will keep you cosy and warm. 
  • Control system: The innovative control system enables you to control your awning and lighting wirelessly. 
The SDL Alerio glass canopy is Solarlux’s latest system. It is a great fit for any style of building architecture, and its internal structural members lend it a particularly striking appearance. Its profiles, which have been specially designed for this application, can be used to build incredibly delicate-looking constructions. The roof can be designed as a monopitch roof with a pitch of between 5° and 20°. The SDL Alerio can be built to suit your requirements in terms of size and structural dynamics – while still maintaining an impressively slender and delicate appearance. Like all of Solarlux’s roof systems, it can be combined with a wide range of transparent vertical elements to create a glass house that provides protection from the elements.

Winter Gardens and Glazed Extensions


A wintergarden glazed extension is the perfect way to give you more living space. The new space will give you the unique opportunity to watch the changing seasons from a front-row seat while still sheltered from the wind and weather. What is more, this system is available with a wide range of design options for almost any application – optimum thermal insulation and bespoke solutions are guaranteed to make your own personal dreams come true. Architectural construction or half-timbered house – Solarlux wintergardens offer the perfect solution for any situation. High-quality materials such as aluminium and wood/aluminium will lend your wintergarden a unique aesthetic. Turn your indoors into the great outdoors – with a Solarlux wintergarden glazed extension.

The Bi-folding door

Wide opening. Unobstructed to breathe.

Our bi-folding door offers many advantages, but the top one is undoubtedly the smooth transition it creates between the inside and the outside. With generous glass fronts that can be opened across almost 100% of their area, the bi-folding door lends living spaces a unique ambience. Unlike traditional sliding doors, which can leave a large section of the opening covered by glass even when fully open, the individual elements of the bi-folding door gather up into a slender bundle of panels to one side – thus guaranteeing unrestricted views.

Cero sliding door


cero opens rooms with extensive glass panels: Impressive transparency dissolves the boundary between inside and outside. cero offers every possibility required from architecturally demanding buildings from a constructive and creative point of view. Its slender frames and profiles help to make the elements as transparent as possible. The sight lines are kept to just 34 mm, resulting in a symmetrical and minimalist design that is underlined by the 98% glass composition. And there is also another important feature: The extremely large glass areas of up to 15 m² emphasise the focus on quality and security aspects in the design. cero has been tested and certified in line with the highest security standards, and equipment that meets anti-burglary protection classes RC2 and RC3 is available as an option.

Glass Balcony & Facade Systems


You can use glass sliding or slide-and-turn systems to shelter yourself on your balcony – not just from harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain and cold, but also from noise. You can choose a fully transparent or a framed system, depending on your requirements. The versatile, non-insulated glazing will transform your balcony into an airy pergola or a sheltered room whenever you want. The wide range of system solutions can also be retrofitted onto existing balustrades.
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